CSA Registration now open for returning members!

Hello Corvus Landing Farm CSA member!

Hopefully you’ll be happy to hear that registration the Corvus Landing 2017 CSA is now open for returning members.

[spacer height=”20px”]We’re excited about the season ahead, and we’re expecting production to jump quite a bit.  In 2016 we invested a lot in expanding the farm, and this year we begin to reap the rewards.  We’ll be adding another bigger greenhouse, which we sincerely hope will mean more tomatoes for all.  We expect to see better production on our new ground, and especially better early spring yields.  This should be a good year to be a CSA member, and I hope you will come back for another year.

[spacer height=”20px”]CSA registration is now run as a web store, with secure online payment options.  We accept Paypal, though we charge a 3% fee that goes directly to them.  Consider instead paying with a check or online bill pay and donating that extra 3% to our share subsidy fund.  In the web store, you’ll select your share type, then choose your drop site and payment option.  You can also purchase add ons: Thanksgiving shares, text alerts, home delivery, and a donation to our subsidy fund.  You’ll be able to pay future installments easily through the online store.[spacer height=”20px”]

To register, click here and use password: csa (case sensitive).

Register by February 14 to hold your spot!

What’s new this year?  Read more here!

  • Now 2 weeks longer! (21 weeks)  We are eliminating the extended season.
  • New share types:
    • Market choice shares work as a prepaid voucher, good at all of our market booths and farm stand.  (Read more)
    • Farm Stand Select shares, available at the farm stand only, offer more choice but still encourage you to try new items.  (Read more)
  • Now offering stand alone Thanksgiving shares to fill up your Thanksgiving table and beyond.  Sign up for yours now and lock in our best price ($35), we’ll be raising the price later in the season.
  • Trialing home delivery in Lincoln City and Neskowin!  We had a lot of trouble with folks not getting their shares last year, so we are going to try out 4 weeks of home delivery for $7 per week.  If all goes well, we’ll offer the option to extend delivery through the end of the season.
  • Sign up for weekly pickup reminders by text and never forget your share again!  For just $2 per phone number per season we will send you weekly reminders every pickup day.
  • Late fees: we will be charging a late fee of $5 per week for any payment more than 1 week late this year.  This includes your initial deposit!  If money is tight and you can’t make a payment on time, talk to me ahead of time and the fees won’t apply.
  • Low income?  Use SNAP to pay for your share by entering the discount code “SNAP”.  Request a half price share with discount code “subshare50”.  (You can use both.)  Learn more about our low income CSA options here.

Remember, to register, click here and use password “csa”

Register by February 14 to hold your spot!

We’ve added a member page on our website with information on payment schedules, pickup sites, vacation policy, and more.  Hopefully this will make it easier to find answers to any questions you have mid-season or to direct a friend who is picking up your share.

[spacer height=”20px”]Let me know if you have any questions!  If you are unable to use the online registration, let me know and I will send you an alternate version.

[spacer height=”20px”]PS: The web store is new.  I’ve tested it and I’m confident that it works, but if you have any problems please let me know (and thanks in advance for your patience!).

2 Responses to “CSA Registration now open for returning members!

  • Mary Hummel
    6 years ago

    I thoroughly enjoyed the bountiful season of vegetables last year but I am a lone single and it was too much produce for just me (even though I shared with my friends). I will not be resigning this year but hope you have a profitable season.

    • Carolina
      6 years ago

      We’re sorry to see you go but understand that the CSA is a lot of produce for one person! Hopefully we’ll continue to see you at the market.

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