Veggie and flower starts available now!

Get them at Trillium Natural Foods in Lincoln City or by appointment from the farm.

The only thing better than farm fresh produce is the produce right out of your own garden!  It’s a sad myth that you can’t grow anything here at the coast, and we do our best to help you overcome it.  We have grown vegetable starts for your coastal garden since we opened in 2010, and we are now expanding that offering to include annual flowers, perennial ornamentals, and coastal natives.  We make our own seedling and potting mixes using only organic ingredients, and we never spray synthetic pesticides on our plants.


All of our starts are ones that we believe can thrive here at the coast.  They are grown in unheated greenhouses, so when you buy them they are already acclimated to the coastal climate.  We specialize in cool season tomatoes, and with years of feedback from our customers we can usually recommend one that will work for your unique garden site.


With advice from local landscapers, we’ve started propagating and having available certain landscape plants and coastal natives that will also thrive here.  Lots more coming in the future!


Our plants are usually available March to July.  Get them at our market stands or at:

Trillium Natural Foods, Lincoln City