Corvus Landing Farm broke ground in October 2009.   Located on the banks of Neskowin Creek, just 3 miles inland from the Pacific Ocean, it is in the heart of a unique growing environment and friendly community.  We have 2.5 acres in production, including vegetables, herbs, cut flowers, raspberries, several greenhouses, and a fledgling orchard.

The farm has a priority of preserving and protecting the health of the land, with respect for the stream, forest, and animals that share its space.  We carefully consider all decisions regarding soil tillage and amendment, water conservation, fertilization, pest and disease management, and the effect of the farm on wildlife habitat.  We use exclusively organic methods, but choose not to certify at this time because of our small size.  Responsible seed sourcing and stewardship help to maximize the sustainability and biodiversity of the farm.

Our crops are determined by what grows well in our cool coastal climate.  These crops thrive here and show it through their superior flavor and robustness.  We grow over 30 crops and 75 varieties, and continue to expand our offerings.  All of our produce is harvested by hand at peak ripeness and sold fresh on or nearby the farm.  Our cut flowers bring unique beauty and a sense of the coast into your home.

We also provide naturally grown, mostly heirloom veggie starts from March to July.  We have many varieties of tomatoes that are appropriate for the cooler coastal summers, lettuce, multiple kinds of basil, and a variety of other vegetables, flowers, and herbs.  We also grow starts for winter gardens, including overwintering greens, brassicas, and onions, and a mix of fall veggies.

The Corvus Landing farmers, Carolina and Mike Lees, moved to the coast in 2008 with the goal of starting a small farm.  Before coming to Neskowin, Carolina spent several years working at Eugene area organic vegetable farms ranging from 2 to 100 acres.  She came to farming through a love of food and a desire to make it available to all people, and she grew to love the practice of farming with all of its challenges.  Mike worked for 10 years as a salmon surveyor before widening his scope to include other species as well as stream restoration work.  He has always had an interest in plants (he spent several years working in greenhouses), and he greatly values fresh food and its positive effect on health.  We are excited to see our interests in food and community coming together at the farm, and look forward to seeing what shape the farm will take as it grows through the years.

We look forward to feeding you and your family!

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