Resources developed by Carolina Lees:

From OSU Small Farms employee training talk:
Carolina tilling

Carolina tilling

From Sitka full day gardening workshop:

Other Resources:

  • Steve Solomon: Growing Vegetables West of the Cascades, Sasquatch Books.  Probably the best regional guide to growing vegetables.
  • Eliot Coleman: The New Organic Grower, Winter Gardening Handbook, and more.  These are written for more of a small farm scale, but have lots of useful information and innovative techniques.
  • Grace Gershuny and Joseph Smilley: The Soul of Soil.  Good primer on soil science and health.
  • Other authors: Carol Deppe, Michael Philips, John Jeavons, Joel Salatin. Acres USA is a great resource for finding and purchasing relevant books.
  • Wild Garden Seed: Frank Morton breeds excellent seed for salads and more out of his farm in PhilomathDSCF0747
  • Adaptive Seeds: Sarah Kleeger and Andrew Still traveled to Europe to exchange and collect seeds, and founded a seed company with what they brought back. Specializing in unusual varieties and cold-tolerant vegetables.
  • Fedco: A seed cooperative in Maine with an entertaining catalog, diverse seed sourcing, and excellent prices
  • Johnny’s: Large seed company in Maine with excellent quality and selection and an incredibly informative catalog and website.
  • Dripworks has an informative catalog and website, lots of irrigation options, and also many garden planning tools.
  • Peaceful Valley Garden Supply has all the supplies you need to grow organically and lots of informative videos.
  • Naomi’s Organic Farm Supply in Portland has knowledgeable staff and a wide range of well-researched products.
  • Concentrates in Portland is similar to Naomi’s.
  • TCCA Farm Store in Cloverdale and Tillamook carries several organic amendments and is able to order many more.
  • ATTRA: provides information and other technical assistance to farmers, ranchers, Extension agents, educators, and others involved in sustainable agriculture in the United States.
  • Oregon Tilth has a long list of resources for organic farming and gardening at their website.
  • Mother Earth News has lots of good articles and resources.


Find a farm (directories and a couple of my favorites):
  • Local Harvest  National directory of all things locavore: farms, markets, stores, processors, food advocacy groups, etc etc.  A great resource for eaters and producers alike.  We have a listing there, as do many of our friends.
  • Horton Road Organics (Blachly, OR)  is the farm where I completed my apprenticeship.
  • WinterGreen Farm (Noti, OR) is a biodynamic farm I worked for and love.
  • R-Evolution Gardens is a CSA and fresh market farm in Nehalem who are exploring new ground in agri-tourism
  • 46 North Farm in Astoria grows excellent veggie starts as well as flowers and vegetables
  • Walker Farms in Siletz grows pasture raised meats of all kinds
  • Mama Tee’s Farm in Willamina has a deep committment to ecology and raises vegetables, animals, and makes value added products