Thank you members!  Our new flower bouquet CSA is full for the 2019 season.

Flower bouquet CSA:

Get a large weekly bouquet of fresh, seasonal flowers. Our flowers will be a range of types and colors, showcasing the variety of blooms and greenery that we are able to grow here at the coast. Flowers will be harvested fresh for you and most blooms will last a week in the vase (not provided). 10 weeks, projected to run July to September. If our production is good, you may get a bonus week at the end!

“Earth Laughs in Flowers.” –Ralph Waldo Emerson

Food may feed your body, but flowers feed your soul.  We grow an ever-increasing selection of fresh flowers free from pesticides and harmful chemicals.  Whether you’re looking for a market bouquet to brighten up your kitchen, a special arrangement to send to a loved one, fresh flowers for your restaurant or business, or floral material for your DIY wedding, we’ve got you covered!

Where to get our flowers:

  1. Online farm stand (Coming soon!)
  2. Our market stands
  3. Flower Bouquet CSA subscription
  4. Order them for pickup at the farm


Why buy local, farm fresh flowers?

  • Less time between harvest and sales means they last longer for you!
  • Ever changing selection of seasonal blooms
  • No pesticides means healthier people, healthier land, and healthier wildlife
  • Flowers support bees and other native pollinators
  • Reduce emissions: flowers are often flown in from around the world.  Ours are grown right here at the Oregon coast
  • They make you smile!