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Carolina with fall shareDo you love to cook?  Do you like to try new vegetables?  Our CSA might be for you!  CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture.  Sign up now to be a member of the farm and receive the best the farm has to offer throughout the growing season.  Members get more convenient access to farm produce and enjoy the benefits of eating the healthiest, freshest food around.  Your commitment to the farm helps keep local agriculture strong!  To help you enjoy the CSA to the fullest, we post weekly updates on our blog with recipes and suggestions for how to use your share.

New share types for 2017:

Classic CSA Share

21 weeks, June 13 to November 2

Bags pre-packed, farmers select the items
Convenient pick up: grab and go!
Best value, 10 – 20% off retail
Pickup in Pacific City, Neskowin, Lincoln City, or Gleneden Beach

Full share $560 ($26 week), Half share $380 ($18 week)

Farm Stand Select

21 weeks, June 13 to November 2

Market style pickup, pack your own share
Some items pre-selected, some options
Second best value, 5 – 15% off retail
Available at farm stand only

Full share $560 ($26 week), Half share $380 ($18 week)

Market Choice

Prepaid voucher to our market booths

Most choice
Don’t need to bring cash (we’ll track it for you)
Challenge yourself to eat more vegetables
Prepay for produce: support the farm and get extra value

$400 gets a $420 credit ($16 week)

  We are expecting increased production in 2017, so we are able to offer more choice to our CSA members.

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Classic CSA

The classic CSA share is our best value and the same CSA we’ve offered since 2011.  Members sign up in the spring and receive a weekly bag selected by the farmers of fresh, seasonal produce.  We have drop sites from Gleneden Beach to Pacific City, and members enjoy the convenience of picking up a pre-packed bag and the fun of trying new vegetables.  The full share is enough to feed a family of 4 or 2 very enthusiastic vegetable eaters, the half share is designed for a couple or smaller family.

This model allows us to make the best use of the harvest, which means that you get the best value.  Shares usually end up being 10 – 20% off retail price. 

For both the Classic and Farm Stand Select CSA, you can choose to pay in 1, 2, or 4 installments.  We now accept online payment through Paypal (3% fee applies).

Farm Stand Select

The Farm Stand Select share is a new hybrid option we are trying this year, available for pick up at the farm only.  This is a great way to connect more with the farm through weekly visits and get a bit more choice in your CSA share.

You will arrive during farm stand hours (Tuesdays, time TBA, won’t be available after 4 pm) to a table laid out with all of the CSA items for the week.  You will assemble your own share from a posted list, which will include some assigned items and some choice (we’ll be there to help you figure it out).   This combines the best of the CSA and the market: we’ll encourage you to try new veggies and get creative, but you get a little more choice and can always buy extra from the farm stand while you are getting your share.   This is the first year offering this share, but we are aiming to give you 5 – 15% off retail prices.  Half and full share sizes available.

For both the Classic and Farm Stand Select CSA, you can choose to pay in 1, 2, or 4 installments.  We now accept online payment through Paypal (3% fee applies).

Market Choice

  Market Choice shares are a prepaid voucher good at all of our market booths.  Pay upfront and get a discount on produce throughout the season: a $400 payment gets you a $420 voucher.  We’ll hold onto it at the market and track your purchases so you don’t have to remember cash every week.  Market choice members commit to buying our produce, eating more vegetables, and shopping at the market, but have more flexibility in how they do so.  If you travel regularly or want more choice over which vegetables you get, this might be for you!

Low income options for CSA

We accept SNAP benefits and also offer up to 10% of our weekly shares at half price (Market Choice shares not eligible for half price).  SNAP customers make monthly payments starting in June when the shares begin.

Our half priced shares are funded through donations from members and a match from the farm.  If you would have difficulty affording the full price but would still like to receive the CSA, these are for you!  We don’t have specific income requirements, but if you receive SNAP or any other public assistance, are a senior on a fixed income, or are finding yourself in a tough spot with work, health, or family issues, please sign up for the half price option. 

To learn more about our low income CSA options, click here.

Thanksgiving Shares

A one time share for Thanksgiving and beyond!  Traditionally, our final share of the season is extra large and stocked with storage crops to last members after the CSA ends.  We will be offering these as a stand alone share this year, available to members and non-members alike.  The farmers will choose what is in the share and bag it for pickup or delivery.

Our final shares are usually a steal: 2016’s was double the retail value of the contents!  Depending on our harvests, we aim for this share to be a 15-25% savings.  Sign up now for $35 and lock in the best price.

Pickup will be November 20 or 21 (details to be confirmed later).  Delivery may not be available to all CSA drop sites.  If you sign up now, we will contact you in November to arrange pickup.  Refunds will be available if we can’t bring your share to your usual drop site.

Home Delivery

Members sometimes have a hard time getting to their pickup site at the right time.  If you’re busy and finding yourself in a million places every week, maybe you’d rather have your CSA share delivered to your house or work.

We are trialing home delivery of CSA shares in Neskowin and Lincoln City.  We are initially offering this as a trial for the first 4 weeks of the CSA season.  If all goes well, we will offer the option to extend delivery through the rest of the season.

***You must confirm with us that your address will fit into our delivery route before signing up for home delivery!*** To sign up for home delivery, add it to your cart when you register in our new online store!

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