Low Income CSA Options

***Half price shares are sold out for 2019!  Check again next spring.***

We recognize that not everyone who wants to eat healthy food can easily afford it.  To make our produce more accessible to you, we accept SNAP benefits and offer up to 10% of our Flex and Classic CSA shares at half price (Market Choice shares not eligible for half price).

For SNAP customers, we change the payment schedule so that you make monthly payments starting in July when the shares begin.  Payments of $95/$145 (half/full) are due July 10, August 10, September 10, and October 10.  We are looking into being able to process SNAP payments at the farm, but we can currently process them at the Neskowin Farmers Market.

Our half priced shares are funded through donations from members and a match from the farm.  If you have difficulty affording the full price but would still like to receive the CSA, these are for you!  We don’t have specific income requirements, but if you receive SNAP or any other public assistance, are a senior on a fixed income, or are finding yourself in a tough spot with work, health, or family issues, please sign up for the half price option.

You can sign up to use SNAP benefits when you register for the CSA.  To request a half price share, use the discount code “SUBSHARE50” at checkout.  You can request a half priced share and also use SNAP benefits, in fact many people do.  Sorry, but half priced shares are sold out for 2019.