Market Choice CSA Share

$400 gets $420 credit (5% discount)

Use your credit at any of our market stands

  • Prepay for produce: support the farm and get extra value
  • Most choice
  • Convenient, no need to bring cash (we’ll track it for you)
  • Challenge yourself to eat more vegetables
  • Commit to shopping at the market or farm stand
  • Follow our blog for recipes and vegetable suggestions
  • Connect with where and how your food is grown

Market Choice CSA Share

How does it work?

The Market Choice share works as a prepaid voucher: you pay $400 in the spring and receive a $420 voucher (5% over market value), good at all of our market booths.  We will hold onto your voucher and track your purchases for you so you don’t have to remember cash when you come to our stand.  You can buy whatever you like at regular retail prices whenever you like throughout our market season.  Good for produce and plants.

Why sign up for Market Choice?

The Market Choice share allows you to commit to the farm but accommodates travel and leaves you with the choice about what to eat.  You’ll get a modest discount in exchange for committing to purchase from our stand throughout the season.  And paying up front supports the farm by helping us with early season expenses.

You might find that having a tab at the farm encourages you to come to the market more and eat healthier.  And it’s convenient: don’t worry about getting cash or forgetting your check book!  Additionally, we’ll include you in any special bulk offers to the CSA (juicing carrots, green beans to can, storage crops, etc). You can also follow our CSA blog to get weekly recipes, updates about the farm, and suggestions for how to use and store our produce. 

Where can I use my Market Choice voucher?
  • Farm Stand at Corvus Landing, Tuesdays, May to November
  • Neskowin Farmers Market, Saturdays 9 to 1, May to September
  • Gleneden Beach Farmers Market, Thursdays, May to September
  • Special orders and bulk offers to the CSA
Can I share my voucher with friends and family?

Sure!  We’ll keep it under your name in our market binder, which we always bring with us.  You can have your friends just give us your name and charge to your voucher.  You an also choose to keep track of your own voucher and give it to others to bring to the market.

What if I don’t use the full value by the end of the season?

Sorry, your voucher is good through the end of 2017 only.  We will not refund your voucher or roll over the balance at the end of the market season.  We may offer partial refunds for unexpected life changes, see below for more info.

Your voucher works out to about $15 a week over the entire market season (27 weeks, May to November).  I recommend you use that to plan ahead.  If you don’t think you’ll be able to use it up, try sharing it with friends or family.  Or ask us for suggestions for buying storage crops or freezing summer produce.

What are the payment options for Market Choice?

All Market Choice shares must be paid up front, we don’t offer installment plans for this option.  The exception is if you want to pay with SNAP benefits, see below for more information.

We prefer cash or check to Corvus Landing Farm.  New this year you can pay online through an automatic bank transfer or Paypal.  We charge a 3% fee for Paypal payments to cover our costs. 

Can I pay for Market Choice with SNAP benefits?  Do you have other low income options?

SNAP customers can pay 4 monthly payments of $100 at the Neskowin Farmers Market in May, June, July, and August to receive the 5% discount.  However, the Neskowin Farmers Market offers a $10 weekly match if you use your SNAP benefits at the market.  You would probably be better off taking advantage of this weekly match program rather than paying us up front, unless you really want the commitment.

Market Choice shares are not eligible for our share subsidy this year.  If you are low income and want to take advantage of our half priced shares, check out our Classic or Farm Stand Select CSA options.

Do you offer any refunds?  What if I move?

The CSA is a committment, and members are strongly discouraged from canceling partway through the season.  However, occasionally life happens, or the CSA really isn’t working for you.  Before dropping out, please talk to us.  We may be able to work together to figure something out.

If you are moving or really unable to continue your share, the best case scenario is if you can find a friend who wants to take over your share.  Please let us know if you want to do this and we can help you calculate a pro-rated cost.

Failing that, we will offer pro-rated refunds for Market Choice shares on the following schedule:

  • Before May 15:  Full refund less $25 cancellation fee
  • May 15 to June 30: 90% of remaining balance less $25 cancellation fee
  • July 1 to August 15: 75% of remaining balance less $25 cancellation fee
  • August 15 to September 30: 50% of remaining balance less $25 cancellation fee
  • No refunds after October 1