Weekly CSA Shares

2018 CSA signup begins in March for new members!

20 weeks:  July to November

Pickup options in Pacific City, Neskowin, Lincoln City, and Gleneden Beach

Home delivery available!

Full shares $30 per week

Half shares $20 per week

Pay in 1 or 3 installments

  • Full shares contain 8 to 12 items weekly, enough to feed a family
  • Half shares contain 6 to 10 items weekly, enough for 1 to 3 people
  • Try new foods and eat more veggies
  • Get weekly recipes and updates on the farm
  • Enjoy an increased connection with where and how your food is grown
  • Low income options: Half priced shares available, pay with SNAP benefits
  • Add on a one time Thankgsiving share

2 share types for 2018:

Classic CSA


  • Bags pre-packed, farmers select the items
  • Convenient pick up: grab and go!
  • Available at all drop sites
  • Try new things, eat more vegetables
  • Best value, 10 – 20% off retail
  • Support the farm by making best use of the seasonal harvest
  • Trialing home delivery: 4 weeks for $28

CSA Flex


  • 10, 15, or 20 weeks, May to November
  • Market style pickup, pack your own share
  • Come to the farm stand and pick out a set number of items
  • Set your own schedule: pick from 10, 15, or 20 week options
  • Available at all of our market locations
  • Full or half shares
  • Price TBA

Want more flexibility? Try our Market Choice CSA share!

How it works

2017 information.  Will be updated spring 2018.

About our CSA

What is a CSA?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture.  It is a way for eaters and farmers to connect and support one another.  Members sign up at the beginning of the season to receive a bag of produce once a week.  Eaters enjoy the convenience of having a preselected bag ready for them, the fun of trying lots of new healthy foods, and the satisfaction of connecting with where the food comes from.  The farmer enjoys long-term relationships with committed customers, the fun of growing more variety, and income in the spring to help with expenses for the season to come.


What’s in a share?

Each share contains a variety of seasonal vegetables and herbs, as well as recipes, updates about what’s happening at the farm, and suggestions for how to use unfamiliar items.  Spring shares are much lighter, and variety and quantity increase as the summer goes on, with the heaviest shares in the fall.

You can expect regular installments of salad greens, but not every week.  We specialize in greens and root vegetables, but also have a nice selection of alliums (onion family), brassicas (broccoli, cauliflower, etc), and warm season crops like tomatoes, cucumbers, and zucchini.  Click here for a monthly list of likely items.

What will not be in my share?

Our cool coastal climate limits what we are able to grow, and you will not receive corn or melons.  Several warmer season crops like tomatoes, peppers, and winter squash have a limited production capacity here, and we don’t have large amounts of these crops in the CSA.  If we have a particularly cool summer, you will see less of these items.  Farms are subject to variations in weather, and it is impossible to predict when a crop might fail.  No crop is promised.

How does it work?

Each week, you come to your chosen pickup site and get your share.  Your share comes in a reusable grocery bag that is the property of the farm.  You can either bring your own bags to empty the share into at the site, or you can take it home as is and return the bag the following week.  We only have a limited number of bags.  It is very important that you are responsible about returning them so we have enough for all our members every week.  If you choose to share the CSA with another family, you are responsible for splitting it up and coordinating with your partner to return the bag promptly.

Are there other benefits to being a CSA member?

Many of our members particularly enjoy the share notes and recipes that come each week, which help you learn about farming and new vegetables.  You will also get priority to sign up for next year’s CSA, and get priority on crops that yield poorly, giving CSA members the broadest variety we can provide.  Occasionally we offer bulk specials to CSA members (juicing carrots, green beans for canning, storage crops, etc).  We hope to have more of these this year with our expected increase in production!

How long does it last?

The season runs 21 weeks (that’s 2 weeks longer than last year!), from June 12th to November 2nd.  Or you can try our summer only share, running 10 weeks from July 18th to September 24th.  This year we are also offering a la carte Thankgsiving shares to be picked up November 20 or 21.  These will be heavy shares, full of extra storage crops as well as fresh greens to use for Thanksgiving and beyond.

What does it cost?

A full share costs $560 for 21 weeks, ($27 per week).  Half shares are $380 ($18 per week).  For summer only shares, full shares cost $320 ($32 week) and half shares are $210 ($21 week).  Market Choice shares cost $400 and get you a $420 prepaid voucher good through 2017 at our market booths and farm stand.

CSAs typically ask you to pay up front, as one of the benefits to the farmer is the influx of money early in the season to purchase supplies.  However, to accommodate a range of budgets, we also offer 2 and 4 installment options.  Summer only shares can pay in 1 or 2 installments.  Use this chart to compare costs and payment plans (click to embiggen):

Click here to learn about our low income options!


One of the benefits of a CSA is the increased connection you get with how and where your food is grown.  The abundance of the farm varies from year to year, as changes in the weather and natural cycles affect the crops.  Your CSA share will reflect that, with some unexpected bounty and probably a few failures.  As a CSA member, your share will be fuller and heavier when the farm is doing well and in full production, and it will be lighter when the season is working against us.

We make every possible effort to make the CSA a rewarding experience for all of us, but there are always a few mistakes and disappointments (as well as nice surprises!).  So far we have had an overwhelmingly positive response from our members, and we’ll do our best to keep it that way.  By signing up for a CSA, you are demonstrating a deep commitment to local sustainable agriculture and fresh healthy food.

About our farming practices

The farm has a priority of preserving and protecting the health of the land, with respect for the stream, forest, and animals that share its space.  We never use synthetic fertilizers or pesticides.  We carefully consider all decisions regarding soil and water conservation, our effect on wildlife and the land, and pest and disease management. Responsible seed sourcing and stewardship help to maximize the sustainability and biodiversity of the farm.  We are not certified organic because of our small size, but we are committed to following ecological and organic practices.

Joining the CSA

Who should join a CSA?

If you eat lots of vegetables, cook regularly, and enjoy trying new foods, our CSA might be for you.  In our classic CSA, share contents are selected by the farmers: you don’t get a choice about what you get.  (The new farm stand select shares will offer some choices.)  This allows the farmer to make use of abundances and adjust for shortages, and still supply a wide variety to all of our customers.  We will help you with unfamiliar items by including recipes and suggestions for use and storage.

What members like about the CSA:

  • It encourages them to try new foods
  • Pushes them to eat a healthier, more varied diet
  • Getting their bag is like Christmas every week!
  • Convenient pick up: just grab your bag and go (Farm Stand Select members pack their own bags from a posted list)
  • Access to the freshest produce available
  • Connection to the farm and supporting local agriculture
  • Recipes and share notes give new ideas and help them use up the share

You may not like the CSA if:

  • You travel frequently
  • You cook irregularly
  • You have moderate to strong preferences about vegetables
  • You don’t eat a lot of vegetables
  • You would have trouble remembering the weekly pickup

You may be happier shopping at our farm stand or farmers market booths, where we offer a full selection of our produce.  New this year, we are offering Market Choice shares for members who don’t want to commit to the weekly pickup.  More info here.

Should I get a full or a half share?

A full share contains enough for a family of 4 or 5 moderate vegetable eaters, 2 adult vegetarians, or 1 vegetable eating machine.  The half share is enough for 1 vegetarian or 2 or 3 moderate vegetable eaters.

The full share is our best value and gives you the most variety, but it can be a lot of food!  If you are unsure or new to the CSA, you might want to try a half share.  You can always buy extra produce if you pick up at one of our market booths.  If you have a big family or you really love vegetables, I’d recommend the full share.  We offer suggestions for preserving items from the share throughout the summer, so with careful planning the CSA could last you well beyond the end of the season.  You can also split a share with a friend, preferably someone with different likes and dislikes.

Thanksgiving Shares

A one time share for Thanksgiving and beyond!  Traditionally, our final share of the season is extra large and stocked with storage crops to last members after the CSA ends.  We will be offering these as a stand alone share this year, available to members and non-members alike.  The farmers will choose what is in the share and bag it for pickup or delivery.

Our final shares are usually a steal: 2016’s was double the retail value of the contents!  Depending on our harvests, we aim for this share to be a 15-25% savings.  Sign up now and lock in the best price.

Pickup will be November 20 or 21 (details to be confirmed later).  Delivery may not be available to all CSA drop sites.  If you sign up now, we will contact you in November to arrange pickup.  Refunds will be available if we can’t bring your share to your usual drop site.

Home Delivery

Members sometimes have a hard time getting to their pickup site at the right time.  If you’re busy and finding yourself in a million places every week, maybe you’d rather have your CSA share delivered to your house or work.

We are trialing home delivery of CSA shares in Neskowin and Lincoln City.  We are initially offering this as a trial for the first 4 weeks of the CSA season.  If all goes well, we will offer the option to extend delivery through the rest of the season.

***You must confirm with us that your address will fit into our delivery route before signing up for home delivery!*** To sign up for home delivery, add it to your cart when you register in our new online store!

I would like to join the CSA but it would stretch my budget.  Do you offer options for low income folks?

Yes!  We accept SNAP benefits and also offer up to 10% of our shares at half price.  For SNAP customers, we change the payment schedule so that you make monthly payments starting in June when the shares begin.

Our half priced shares are funded through donations from members and a match from the farm.  If you would have difficulty affording the full price but would still like to receive the CSA, these are for you!  We don’t have specific income requirements, but if you receive SNAP or any other public assistance, are a senior on a fixed income, or are finding yourself in a tough spot with work, health, or family issues, please ask for the half price option on your registration.

Click here to learn more.

Member information:

Where do I get my share?

The drop sites listed below are from 2016.  We are still confirming sites and times for 2017 and will update them as we can.

On your sign up form, you will select where you want to pick up your share. We are only able to accommodate a certain number of people at each day and location, so drop spot choice is first come first serve and I cannot guarantee that you will be able to switch mid-season. Your options are (exact times subject to change):

  • Farm Stand Select Shares: Tuesdays at Corvus Landing Farm (8605 Slab Creek Road, Neskowin) during farm stand (hours TBA, will not be available after 4 pm)

Classic CSA Shares:

  • Tuesdays at Corvus Landing Farm (8605 Slab Creek Road, Neskowin) during and after farm stand (10 am to 7 pm)
  • Tuesdays in Pacific City, 11:30 am to 5 pm
  • Thursdays at Lincoln City Community Center (2150 NE Oar Place, Lincoln City), 12:00 pm to 6:00 pm
  • Thursdays at Trillium Natural Foods (1026 SE Jetty Ave, Lincoln City), 12:00 pm to 7 pm
  • Thursdays at Corvus Landing Farm (8605 Slab Creek Road, Neskowin) 11 am to 7 pm
  • Thursdays at Gleneden Beach Farmers Market (Side Door Cafe), 1 pm to 6 pm
  • Saturdays at Neskowin Farmers Market (Neskowin Beach Wayside) 9 am to 1 pm

Farm Stand Select shares are only available for pick up at the farm during farm stand hours.  The farm stand is on Tuesdays, hours TBA.  In 2016, we were open from 10 to 4, but that may change this year.

What if I forget to pick up my share?

You MUST pick up your share during the designated pickup time.  Shares not picked up on time will be donated and no replacement will be made.  If you know you will be unable to pick up your share, contact us ahead of time.  We can usually switch you to a different pickup day or site for a given week, or we can arrange a replacement at the market.  However, we will only offer this option if you tell us ahead of time!

What if I go on vacation?

If you know that you will miss a week, I suggest getting a friend to pick up your share in your place.  This is a fun way to share the benefits of the CSA.  We can offer two week’s vacation credit for each member, with at least two weeks’ notice.  Vacation credits can be redeemed at the farmers market, farm stand, or toward a future CSA payment any time in 2016.  Credits taken before July 15 are for $20 full/$12 half.  After July 15 they are $24 full/$15 half.

Late Fees

We give a one week grace period on all payments.  After one week, a $5 per week charge will be added to all late payments, added at the beginning of the week.  So if your payment is due Monday, August 1, you will owe $5 extra on Monday August 8, $10 extra on Monday August 15, $15 extra on Monday August 22, and so on.

If money is really tight in a given month, just talk to us.  We will almost always waive these fees given proper communication and are happy to work with you to make the CSA fit in your budget.  But I’m tired of chasing people down because they’re flaky.

What if I need to quit partway through the season?

The CSA is a committment, and members are strongly discouraged from canceling partway through the season.  However, occasionally life happens, or the CSA really isn’t working for you.  Before dropping out, please talk to us.  We may be able to change your drop spot or share size to make pickup easier.

If you are moving or really unable to continue your share, the best case scenario is if you can find a friend who wants to take over your share.  Please let us know if you want to do this and we can help you calculate a pro-rated cost.

Failing that, we will offer pro-rated refunds on the following schedule:

  • Before May 15:  Full refund less $15 cancellation fee
  • May 15 to June 10: Full refund less $25 cancellation fee
  • June 11 to July 15: Full refund less $25 per share received ($18 half shares) and $25 cancellation fee
  • July 16 to September 30: Full payment minus $35 per share received ($25 half shares) and $25 cancellation fee
  • After September 30: No refunds available