2020 CSA Registration open!

Baby bok choy emerging for spring CSA shares

Happy winter, CSA members!  We are back to work here at the farm, starting up seeds, pruning raspberries, and planning for the season to come.  I hope you will be back for another year of the Corvus Landing CSA!


Early bird discounts on most shares paid in full by March 22

The CSA went pretty smoothly last year, and mostly we are keeping things the same.  We will continue to offer the classic CSA in both half and full sizes, as well as part time and full time Flex shares and several increments of Market Choice shares.

Raspberries before and after pruning

We have confirmed that the hospital still has a space for our stand in the new building, so we will continue to offer Flex and Classic shares there.  We plan to start the hospital stand much earlier this year, hopefully in early May!  We are also hopeful that our new raspberry patch will step up production this year, and we’ll be able to include raspberries in your July shares.

The biggest change this year is to our on site Tuesday farm stand.  After much consideration, we have decided not to offer a full service stand at the farm this summer.  We will continue to offer Classic CSA pickup at the farm on Tuesdays.  We are still deciding whether to eliminate the farm stand all together, or whether to offer a limited selection on Tuesdays July to September.  We will run the farm stand as a full stand in October and November, after the Neskowin Farmers Market ends, for the convenience of our Flex members and Neskowin customers.

Flower shares

Photo by Trav Williams, Broken Banjo Photography

The flower bouquet CSA was a big hit last year, and we are excited to expand it to more members.  We are offering both a full season, 10 week option, as well as a 5 week option with your choice of start date.  Flowers can be picked up at any of our markets or delivered to your home or work, and they make a great gift.  Last year’s members told me how much joy they got from their flowers, and how much they loved getting a bouquet each week.  Consider bringing some joy into your home (or someone else’s) this summer!

Since Valentine’s Day is this week, we are offering a special discount on flower shares.  Use coupon code “Valentines” to get $5 off any flower subscription, this week only.  Valentine’s is a big flower holiday, but since it’s the middle of winter most of the flowers are imported from afar.  Keep it local by gifting a flower subscription to your loved ones this year.

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Photo by Trav Williams, Broken Banjo Photography

Spring Shares

New for 2020! We are offering 5 weeks of tender, sweet spring vegetables before the market begins. These shares will be small but oh so special.  Shares will contain 3-5 items a week, with treats such as early radishes, sweet baby greens, and kale raab.  Some of these are things you can only get in the early months of the season, and this is the best way to get them!  I expect these to fill up fast, so sign up early.

Shares will be selected and packed by the farmers.  We will aim to include salad every week, but no promises.  They can be picked up at the farm on Thursdays or delivered to your home or work.  We expect to have the option to order add ons (like an extra bag of salad) but it will depend on our production.

Exact start date is TBA, depending on the weather and our early season greenhouse growth.  We’ll begin in late March or early April and run for 5 weeks.  Sorry, no vacation credits available on spring shares.

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Flex shares

We love the Flex CSA and are excited to continue to offer it, with just a couple minor tweaks.  Last year’s full time Flex was 20 weeks, but several members found it difficult to use up all the weeks, especially since the hospital stand wasn’t open that long!  So this year we’ve shortened it to 18 weeks and lowered the price accordingly.  We still have half time and 3/4 time options, so you can choose the time frame that works best for you.  Secondly, we are renaming the shares “small” and “large” (instead of “half” and “full”) to avoid confusion.  Small shares will remain at 6 items, large shares at 10.

Considering switching from Classic to Flex? Flex gives you more choice about what veggies you get and when and where you get them.  Flex shares are available full time or part time.  Sign up for the number of weeks that works for you, and then show up to any of our farm stands or market booths and pick out 6 (small share) or 10 (large share) items from the stand.  Come any time between July and November, no need to schedule.  We will track how many weeks you’ve used so you don’t have to.  You can use your Flex share at the Lincoln City Hospital Farm stand (Thursdays 11-2), the Neskowin Farmers Market (Saturdays 9-1 through September), and the farm stand at Corvus Landing (October and November only).  Shares can be used at any location, you don’t have to pick just one!


Early bird discounts on most shares paid in full by March 22

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