CSA Notes Extended Week 2

In your share Extended Week 2:

Brussels Sprouts (Trillium) or Salad Mix (Farm and PC)

Rain, rain, rain this week!  I’m sure many of you have breathed a sigh of relief, as we got over 10 inches in the last week at the farm.  The river has risen higher than it has in almost a year, and I expect the salmon are on their way.  With that much rain that quickly, we did have a few spots of erosion in the field, but for the most part our cover crop did its job.  Most of the erosion happened in mole tunnels that allowed the water to build up speed on its way through the field.

There’s a new crop today, which is probably a new vegetable for most of you.  It is yacon (pronounced yah-CONE), a member of the sunflower family from the Andes.

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