Extended CSA Week 3

In Your Share:

Winter Squash: Butternut or Delicata
Brussels Sprouts or Cabbage

This is a short share note since I’m on vacation visiting family in Massachusetts this week.  Our employee Johanna will be doing the harvest this week, and Mike will be delivering shares.  You won’t even notice I’m gone.

Just one new item this week, a butternut or delicata squash.  These are newer varieties for us and we’re very happy with them!  Both need a longer season than the other squash we’ve grown, but they’re worth the wait.  Both have tender skin and sweet flesh, and you can roast them whole or in slices or cubes, use them to make soup or pie, put them on pizza or lasagna, or anything else you can think of.  They store well on the counter at room temperature.

That’s all, see you next week!

Lettuce Wrapped Fish

You’ve been getting lots and lots of romaine, because it’s beautiful, we’ve had it and it’s a good kitchen staple.  But I know I’ve been eating fewer salads on these cooler days, so I poked around for alternative lettuce uses.  Here’s a delicious and easy looking suggestion from Mark Bittman; it’s not in typical recipe format so I’ll copy his text here.


That dish is fish wrapped in romaine lettuce leaves (or Bibb lettuce or cabbage), then poached in buttery white wine. Other than salt and pepper, all the ingredients are mentioned in the previous sentence, which is a good start.

A good finish is how the flavors mingle just perfectly; the butter’s sweetness offsets the bitterness of the lettuce and the acidity of the wine. The mild fish holds it all together. I used halibut one time, cod another, but you can use whatever mild white fish you like.

You must make sure the lettuce leaves are pliable enough to wrap around the fish. Discard the most ragged leaves. Start with the large outer leaves and, if they have a thick vein at their base — say, wider than 3/8 inch — make a V-shaped cut up the middle of the leaf, to the point where the rib narrows and becomes more flexible. Discard the vein.

This will not be a problem if you use a butterleaf lettuce like Bibb, or possibly the inner leaves of romaine or cabbage (it depends on the particular head).

Poach (that is to say, boil) the leaves in salted water until soft, usually less than 30 seconds. Dry on paper towels and you’re ready to wrap.

Any method will do here: put the fish in the middle and fold the leaves over, or put it on one end and roll ’em up. I would just recommend smaller rather than larger fish chunks, to make sure the leaves fit over them. The elegance of the dish is somehow lost if the fish isn’t completely enveloped by the leaves — and we wouldn’t want that to happen.


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