End of Season, Bulk Carrots

One more week of the CSA! Your final share will be on November 7 or 9. Thank you for being a member, I hope that you will be back next spring. Please return all bags that you have at home. Next week, consider bringing a bag and transferring the contents of your final share at your drop site so that you don’t have to remember to return your bag.

We are offering a bulk carrot special for delivery with your final CSA share. You can order them by emailing me at carolina@corvuslanding.com or calling 541-418-2281. Carrots are sold in 5# bags.


  • 1 bag is $12.75, or 15% off our retail price
  • 2 bags $12 each, 20% off retail price
  • 3 or more bags $11.25 each, 25% off retail price


Thanksgiving shares are still available! The price is $45 for a box full of local veggies for your Thanksgiving table and storage crops to last into December. Visit our website or call for more information and to sign up.


Thank you for being a member of the Corvus Landing CSA!

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