2018 CSA Registration now open

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Hopefully you will be happy to hear that CSA registration is now open for 2018.  This spring is already shaping up to be a whole different world than last year.  Sap is flowing in plants all over the farm and our very first greenhouse salad is already popping.  Last year’s 160″ of rain feels long ago, and I’m excited to start fresh in a new year.[spacer height=”20px”]

We are again offering full and half shares of delicious, fresh seasonal veggies.  I expect the share contents to be similar to last year, though hopefully we’ll have an easier season and will be able to give you a little more variety.  Last year’s cold spring affected some crops all the way through the season, so hopefully this year we’ll get off to a better start.[spacer height=”20px”]


Our CSA members are hugely important to the farm.  Your support keeps us going all season long.  I hope you will be back!

What’s new in 2018

New! CSA Flex Part time shares:

If you want to commit to local, healthy eating but have trouble with the weekly CSA schedule, this may be for you.  Sign up for either 10 or 15 weeks, half or full share.  Show up to any of our farm stands or market booths and pick out 6 (half) or 10 (full) items from the stand.  Come any 10 or 15 weeks between July and November, no need to schedule them.  We will track how many weeks you’ve used so you don’t have to. [spacer height=”20px”]

Gone for the month of August?  No problem!  Hate kale and love cucumbers?  Take whatever you want![spacer height=”20px”]

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Home delivery:

We are expanding home delivery and making it more affordable.  Now for just $3 a week you can have your share delivered directly to your home or work.  Team up with a friend to make it even cheaper: we will drop multiple shares at the same location for the price of one.  Home delivery is available in Lincoln City, Neskowin, and Pacific City, though some remote addresses may not be eligible (just ask to make sure).  We will deliver to Gleneden Beach if we get enough requests.[spacer height=”20px”]

Lincoln City pickup changes:

This year, our only Lincoln City pickup site (other than home delivery) will be our farm stand at the Samaritan North Lincoln Hospital cafeteria on W Devils Lake Rd.  The hospital farm stand will be on Thursdays, time TBA but probably 11 to 2.  You’ll be able to pick up your share and stock up with some extra goodies at the same time.  [spacer height=”20px”]


It was a hard decision to make this change, as I realize it narrows the options and pickup window for our Lincoln City members.  We’ve enjoyed working with both Trillium and the Community Center, and their staffs have been extremely accommodating in hosting the pickups.  But we have had too many problems, including several shares being stolen or vandalized last year.  It’s difficult to organize the drops and deal with the challenges of an unattended, remote pickup.  We’ve coupled the change with a drop in the price of home delivery, so please consider that option if the hospital stand isn’t convenient for you!  Remember, you can share drop offs with friends or neighbors to cut the cost of home delivery.  Please talk to me if you have any questions or feedback about this change.[spacer height=”20px”]

Online Payment:

I’ve eliminated the fee for credit card payments through PayPal.  I’ve resisted because the processing fee of 2.7% is actually a significant expense: it costs us $16 for every full share paid for by Paypal.  But I personally use Paypal and credit cards all the time in my shopping, and it’s time to give in to the zeitgeist.  We do prefer a check, because it saves us money and doesn’t cost you extra.  But feel free to use Paypal if that is easier for you.[spacer height=”20px”]

Thanksgiving Shares:

Sign up now to lock in the best price on Thanksgiving shares: $35, goes up to $40 March 15.  Our final share of the season is extra large and stocked with storage crops to last members after the CSA ends.  We offer these as a stand alone share, available to members and non-members alike.  The farmers will choose what is in the share and bag it for pickup or delivery.[spacer height=”20px”]

Our final shares are usually a steal: 2016’s was double the retail value of the contents!  Depending on our harvests, we aim for this share to be a 15-25% savings.[spacer height=”20px”]

Pickup will be the Tuesday before Thanksgiving at the farm, or get your share delivered in Lincoln City, Neskowin, or Pacific City (some addresses may not be eligible).[spacer height=”20px”]


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